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guitar and ukulele lessons, acoustic and electric erie pa

Guitar Lessons

Guitar, an instrument rich with possibilities, and nicely portable! It has been described as a "miniature orchestra in itself". 


Learn to play your favorite songs, read music, improvise, and write your own music through guitar lessons! Try singing and playing, composition, and other creative projects with music as your outlet! Take online or in-person classes! Rock, pop, jazz and more--electric or acoustic lessons.

Guitar lessons are available for ages 6 and up. Younger learners may start on ukulele.

When you begin guitar lessons, they will be individualized to your needs and interests! As your teacher, I want to help you develop a relationship with music that brings joy and fulfillment. 


"When you think what the guitar can do and what every individual player does with a guitar, everyone has their own identity coming through the guitar."

-Jimmy Page

Hello! Please read this first:
Thank you so much for stopping by! Unfortunately, at this time I am fully booked for lessons. If you would like to join the waitlist, please contact me below:

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