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Piano Keys

Piano Lessons

Piano, an instrument of beauty and color!

Piano lessons are available for ages 3 and up. Your child can learn to read music, improve their playing and technique, master songs they love, and learn to create songs of their own. Perhaps they want to sing and play at the same time! 

They can try music of any style, like jazz, rock, pop and classical. Whether it's new, old, or even random YouTube music--you name it! I can transcribe any song into sheet music for your child and write it at their playing level. 

When your child begins piano lessons, they will be individualized to their needs and interests. As their teacher, I want to help them develop a relationship with music that brings joy and fulfillment. Your child can take online or in-person classes! 


“I believe in using the entire piano as a single instrument capable of expressing every possible musical idea.”

-Oscar Peterson

Looking for a keyboard?
See below for my recommendations:

Yamaha P-45

Top notch. Full-sized, weighted action, with 88 keys. One of the best of its type if you're seeking the feel and sound of a real piano.

Casio CDP-S160

Also full sized, weighted action with 88 keys; takes up less space with its very slim body. I once owned a similar, older model. 

Alesis Recital

The 88 keys are semi-weighted, which means they are sensitive to touch for making soft/loud sounds. It will not feel exactly like a real piano, but it's close.

Casio CT-S1


Has 61 touch-sensitive keys--not quite as responsive as semi-weighted, but still has a great piano sound. Also, it comes in 3 colors--red, white and black.

Casiotone CT-S300

My favorite pick for younger beginners. Affordable, 61 keys, touch sensitive, and lots of different voices to choose from. 

Casio SA-81

Tiny but mighty! This 44 key is my top choice as a keyboard for young children who are curious about music. It has 100 different sounds and is less than 25 inches long. 

Keyboard Accessories You Might Need:

Universal Sustain Pedal

Music Stand

Hello! Please read this first:
Thank you so much for stopping by! Unfortunately, at this time I am fully booked for lessons. If you would like to join the waitlist, please contact me below:

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