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5 Things You Should Think About When Choosing a Private Music Teacher

1. Consider your musical goals

Consider the goals you have in mind for learning music. Ask yourself (or your child) some questions. For example:

  • What makes you excited about learning music?

  • Would you like to learn how to write your own songs, or would you like to focus on your favorite tunes? (or a bit of both?)

  • Do you want a general introduction of music, or do you have something more specific you'd like to learn?

  • A year from now, what would you like to be able to do on your instrument?

Getting an idea of these ahead of time can help you determine how well you get along with your teacher.

2. Think about questions you have for the potential teacher

When you have your first lesson, be prepared with some questions. This will help you compare services if you try a few different teachers. Here are some good ones:

  • What is your musical background?

  • What training do you have that relates to music?

  • Do you teach more than one instrument?

  • What ages/experience level do you typically teach?

  • What styles of music do you teach?

3. Know that each music teacher has different strengths and specialties

No two are the same! Some might emphasize performance, some might emphasize a certain style of music. Some might be very by the book, others might not. Consider what you want to get out of music and seek a teacher that can help support you in your pursuits.

4. Do some research

Take a look at reviews, or talk to other people about who they are working with and what they think! This can give you a lot of information before you even have your first lesson.

5. Most of all, having a teacher you enjoy working with is key to your interest and success at your instrument

Try lessons with a few different teachers and see who you connect with. There is nothing wrong with shopping around!

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